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Tips for Driving on Ice

Winter weather conditions can be hazardous for drivers, especially if they are not fully prepared to drive on icy roads. To prevent injuries to yourself and other motorists, educate yourself about safe driving habits in icy weather.

Drive slowly.

Slow down on icy or wet roads. You need adequate time to slow down in case of an accident in front of you. Driving slowly can keep you from getting involved in accidents with other vehicles or from losing control of your vehicle.

Accelerate gradually.

If you try to speed up too quickly, you run the risk of losing control of your vehicle. Instead, press the gas pedal gently when you are accelerating from a stop to avoid hazardous situations.

Stop gently.

Slamming on your brakes on icy roads is never a good idea. The quick deceleration can cause your vehicle to spin out of control. By driving slowly and leaving plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you, you can avoid having to hit your brakes hard.

Keep an eye out for other motorists.

Just because you are driving safely doesn’t mean that other motorists are. Watch out for hazardous drivers or potentially dangerous situations. Give reckless drivers plenty of space to pass you, if needed, and drive cautiously around motorists who seem uncomfortable or inexperienced driving in ice.

Beware of black ice.

Black ice is a very thin sheet of ice that is very hard to see on the roadway. It is not really black, but instead completely transparent, so the color of the asphalt beneath it shows through. It often forms on bridges, making the almost-invisible ice even more dangerous. Hitting a patch of black ice can cause your car to skid, so exercise extra caution when driving over areas that could contain black ice.

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