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Injuries from Airbags

Drivers do not typically spend a great deal of time thinking about car accidents. We are fortunate that, as technology has progressed, the driving experience has become increasingly safe due to the protection offered by automobile safety features. When accidents happen, modern vehicles are better at handling the impact, seat belts keep us strapped in, and airbags deploy to prevent occupants from striking the steering wheel and other objects inside the car. Erupting at forces of up to 200 miles per hour, however, the potential for damage caused by the inflation of an airbag is considerable.

Airbag Deployment

Though it seems very simple, the airbag is a precisely timed explosion that positions an inflated envelope in front of, or around, a driver or passenger. The fact is that these devices, even when working properly can cause injuries, including:

  • Burns – the gas that inflates the airbag is very hot, and can cause burns to the arms, face, and chest. Also, the chemical agents that are utilized in this process can cause chemical burns
  • Hearing Loss – airbag deployment is typically loud enough to cause significant damage to one’s hearing, possibly resulting in permanent losses and other painful effects.
  • Impact Injury – hitting an airbag can bruise the face and chest, cause eye damage, and break bones in the face and hands.

If these injuries occur due to the negligence of an automaker, a civil lawsuit may allow the injured parties to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other damages.

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